Hi Frothers !

Monday has come, with the sun. Last week has been pretty lame weather-wise, and loooong. It was hard to see the light at the end of this grey tunnel. We’ve been waiting in the wet, hoping to see a better tomorrow.

This better tomorrow is today. And we should be in this good weather pattern for a while. Only the waves are still needing some improvement: it’s mushy and small, leftovers from a rainy and windy night.

So, let’s enjoy this summery feel ! Let’s start on the right foot after such a gloomy weekend when the rain was drenching the French flag floating over the Harbour Bridge !

Life’s good. Carpe diem.

Have a happy Monday.

Franck / (insta: @franckgazzola)

PS: Sorry for the lack of updates last week, but I was away on a shoot most of the week, and I could not risk the gear to get wet before getting on set. But I don’t think we’ve missed anything…