Hi Frothers !

God, the beach was busy this morning !

Last night’s epic surfing conditions probably got everyone excited about waking up early for a surf before work. Problem is that the size dropped right off, and the high tide at sunrise didn’t help…Bottom line: too many people on too few & too small waves.

I just went for a paddle, after most have let the boardies to dry on the balcony or in the back of the car, and conditions had already improved a lot. There were some fun ones out there, and I guess there will be a few people late at work this morning !

If you were up early, you might have struggled to see the horizon line, as 3 massive cruise ships were sitting just outside of the bay. If, like me, you wonder what was going on, then see here (thanks Amaury !).

It’s busy, but it’s fun to be down there in the morning. Just choose your foamie over your schmick board…

Have fun today !


(insta: @franckgazzola)