Hi Frothers !

A lot of people wear thin, fat, hideous, porn-star or Magnum mustaches this month. Yes, Movember.

Sometimes we even tend to forget what the cause behind is. Another tax deductible donation we think. That’s until someone close, someone you know or see everyday has to go through the pain, and the mourning. This is the sad reminder that prostate cancer is a reality, regardless how healthy you’ve lived you life.

This morning, one of our most bubbly & famous beach bums is saying her final goodbyes to her Dad and best friend. So, those who could not make it to the celebration (no, not a funeral, a celebration!) had gathered to pay their respect under a pretty nice sunrise.

A special morning that should remind us not to take life too seriously, to have fun & make happiness our top priority.

Try to enjoy the new swell, even if it is far from perfect. There are some needles in this big haystack.

Have a great day.


(insta: @franckgazzola)