Hi Frothers !

We got quite a few phone call last week to know whether it was too late to order frames for Xmas. Well, it’s not too late, but it will be tight !

So, we just wanted to use today’s ”froth-themed” newsletter to encourage you to decide in the next couple of days in order to secure your high quality framed print for Xmas. After that, we’ll do our utmost, but won’t guarantee that the frame will be hanging on the wall on Boxing Day.

Have a good look at our constantly updated online Gallery for great gift ideas. How about this new amazing shot from Beau Pilgrim above, exclusively available through the Frothers Gallery¬†? (if only I had more walls at home…)

It’s a sunny day outside. Waves have temporarily disappeared, but there will be a new pulse mid-week, unfortunately with strong Southerly winds. Until then, it’s beach time: sun and heat !

Have a great day.

Franck & The Frothers Team