Hi Frothers !


A great morning behind and a fantastic day ahead !

Maroubra was bathed in golden light, and the young rippers were making the most of the waves before the wind started to blow. Good light, hungry riders: a Photographer’s delight.

Now for those willing to help, we’ll be organizing some support for our friends from Fiji, some of whom work on Namotu & Tavarua Islands. They got hammered, lost their homes and a lot of property. They need support and we’re trying to get stuff over to them. It can be clothes, homeware, money…anything that can help someone whose house has been blown away. If you can help, please contact us at info@frothers.com.au. Cyclones are not just synonymous of great waves for, but they are highly destructive, especially for the islands. So before you go and soon enjoy Winston’s waves, see if you could chuck a couple of things their way. Thanks in advance !

Have a great day, and enjoy the beach if you can.


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