Hi Frothers !


In 12 hours, we went from the perfect offshore 29 degrees sunset making everyone happy to a hazy 25 knots Southerly, making only the Frenchies happy. In 12 hours, we went from a 100% packed beach to an almost completely empty sand strip.

And in those last 12 hours, the decision was made that the Eddie was a Go. Watch it here ! It’s insane !

The Australian Center For Photography (ACP) is currently having a big event around the Beach and Lifestyle themes. They will be organizing the ”Beachin’ Talks” on March 12th at the Bondi Pavillon from 3 to 5pm. I have the honour to be a guest speaker, alongside other talented photographers like Ray Collins, Marco Bok, and more. Read more here. From Monday onwards I will be taking over the Instagram account of the ACP. Check it out on  @ACP.PHOTO.

The other positive thing is that we’re also 12 hours closer to the weekend !

Have a great one !


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