Hi Frothers,

I decided to have a swim with the salt water junkies. They’re a weird bunch. They gather in the dark, and sneak into the water before everyone is even out the door to get their first coffee fix (aka ”the coffee junkies”).

Some of them can space out their fix for a longer period of time and would wait for the next big delivery of dope swell. Some others can’t get clean. Regardless of the size, they have to go. 100% dependant on their daily fix. Every man/woman for him/herself. 10 per wave. Typical withdrawal symptoms.

Those junkies have that one specific thing though: they look happy. They smile. They froth on life.

The only bad thing that I happened to me with those salt water junkies today is a couple of fins that acted like 2 sharp knives on my back. 2 large clean cuts in my brand new Patagonia wetsuit (frustrated sigh…). Lucky for me Patagonia is good at doing repairs (feeling a bit better sigh…). I think I will ask Aquatech to paint my next water-housing in yellow with flashing lights or something.

Have a nice day


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