Hi Frothers,

I had a slow start today, due to a late night on a video job (not complainin’, just sayin’…). This is why this morning I took it slow and went first for a coffee (yes, I am an addict) and then made my way to the South Bondi platform area, aka ‘’the Eagle’s nest’’, alongside Amaury Tréguer from Morning Bondi (@morningbondi).

I must say that this was the perfect spot to be. What I find amazing is the ability to shoot so many different things from the same spot. In one look, you can get a real flavour of Bondi in the morning: the bay, the waves, the surfers, the yogis, the joggers, the dog walkers, the icebergs swimmer, etc. The best vantage point in town.

As you can see, there is sun…and surf ! Perfect Friday.

I did not have the time to wonder around to Tama or Bronte, but I’d reckon there’d be a wave there too.

Have a great weekend my friends. Next up-dates will come from Byron Bay (I’m sure you won’t mind…)


(instagram: @franckgazzola / @frothersgallery)