Hi Frothers,

Back in Bondi, and back to normal. This intense swell pulse is definitely still around, pushing water to our shores. Much more fun than yesterday. Bondi is just getting the right size to avoid excessive close-outs and Tama/Bronte looked fun as: Great day for it guys !

The last days, the IT hueys did not collaborate, which explains the radio silence. A couple of days of maintenance to allow to further enhance the website turned into a week. But it’s all back to normal now. We can get cracking on making our online gallery better again.

We are also happy to announce the start of a show at the Muchacho Clothing Store on 35 Hall Street in Bondi, starting tonight. So, to celebrate and open this new show, we’re inviting you for a few drinks tonight, starting tonight from 6pm. Make sure you come and say g’day ! If you can’t make it, no drama: the artworks will be there for the next few weeks. Go check them out in your own time.

Have a great day !


(instagram: @franckgazzola / @frothersgallery)