Hi Frothers,

Beau Pilgrim here sharing some Fiji Cloudbreak gold from my last trip. There was a huge cast of pros who flew in for the big swell on the 23rd May. It was a scary start to the day with Aaron Gold from Hawaii copping a 3 wave hold down and blacking out on the very first wave of the day. With the brave help of water patrol and other surfers, Gold was successfully rescued and resuscitated. It sent the wind up everyone but didn’t stop the line-up filling out a few hours later.

The wind was up making the 15ft+ conditions difficult but there were still some gems to be ridden. The star performances were from Damien Hobgood and Dane Gudauskas scoring some great rides. 

There should still be plenty of swell around this week. Hope you’re all scoring, whilst Franck Gazzola is currently busy packing his gear for the beautiful coastline of France.

Bye for now,


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