Hi Frothers!

I am sorry for the lack of news this week, but I was busy with meetings and shoots that took my mornings away. I have a career of Commercial Photography to manage as well, and sometimes both careers can overlap.

Some of you may want to scream ”SPOILER ALERT”…but don’t worry, there is soooo much more to see of those sculpture. This is just a small appetizer, a teaser.

This morning was an ideal day to go out and walk around to discover the marvels of the 2016 edition of Sculpture by the Sea. Now, if you usually run the coastal walk in the morning, you may want to re-adjust your route for the next couple of weeks. This path is already looking like a jammed pedestrian highway.

Surfwise: Tama looked ok. Some fun little runners spread over 2 or 3 peaks. Bondi was a little messy and smaller.

This is almost the weekend, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look to promising. Rainy, and rather cold for the season. You should schedule some sleep-ins and going through the backlog of admin work!


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