Hi Frothers!


This morning is one of those rare one where Bondi’s got some decent size without closing out, and offering nice long rides. It’s rare enough that I decided to give it all my attention this morning. So many fun waves. Clean.

At one stage, I looked towards the beach and I thought the Fluro friday guys got the days mixed up. I was wrong: it was just Sage with heaps of ripping groms who were about to completely take over the line up at the South end. Forbidden for the 18 year old and beyond! They ripped almost every single wave that came their way, hunting every curl as a pack.

Oh…and if you haven’t seen yet, John John has won his 1st World Title (and the comp’ in Portugal too, on the side). Good on him. I think he’s bringing an amazing new trend, vision and great attitude to modern surfing. I’d put a 50 on the fact that he could break Kelly’s record one day (or come real close). 

Have a nice day.

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