Hi Frothers!


Did you go down the beach to get your dose of morning sun and morning fun? I hope you did. Such a bliss. So much fitness, running, surfing, photographing happening, it’s crazy.

The water is so warm. The waves in Bondi were rideable, quite clean actually. Bronte & Tama are a lot smaller but less crowded as well.

Now, if you’re looking to shoot the newly re-opened Bronte pool, you gotta get up early as it is photographers-crowded. This corner of Bronte has obviously been missed by the lens lovers.

As you know, CaliPress café’s in Bondi/Bronte/Coogee and Surry Hills are featuring some really cool Frothers Gallery artworks, available for sale. They have also published an interview (with some tricky questions) of the ”man behind the lens” aka me. Check it out here!

Enjoy today, as the rest of the week might become a little bumpy in regards to the weather.

See ya!


(Instagram: @frothersgallery / @franckgazzola)